One misconception about your firm’s website is that potential clients care little about what they read. They want an attorney to fix their child support issue, reduce their criminal charges, sue the pants off an employer who mistreated them, or just need their wills updated due to marital changes. And they wanted it done yesterday.

Clients do care. That’s where your blogs and practice area pages come into play.

Articles are your firm’s opportunity to answer questions. Lay out an issue and how it could (potentially) be solved. Content lets your potential clients know it’s fine they’re not law professionals, because we are.

Jurisprose breaks down complex laws and simplifies them for the layman in a compact blog form that’s easy to digest, quick to read and shareable. Period.

The law firm content writing work we perform includes:

  • Press releases (great for announcing monumental victories);
  • Legal articles and opinions (tailored to any audience);
  • Practice area pages (your opportunity to showcase your firm’s service offerings);
  • Blog posts (Keep visitors abreast of new laws, upcoming revisions to law, interesting cases and more);
  • Attorney biographies;
  • Monthly or quarterly newsletters;
  • Marketing materials;
  • Emails (one-off or sequential);
  • Case opinions (should your firm be responsible for contributing to your state’s BAR journal); and
  • Social media posts.

All content follows rules of search engine optimization, can include a legal disclosure and will contain proper source citations.

Articles & PAP (practice area pages)

We feel our experience isn’t enough to convince hard-working attorneys to retain our writing services. So we price our content competitively to prove our worth, and give each article “the works”.

Each piece of content includes:

  • Your required word count, with no “stopping”. In other words, when we see our word count approaching 500, but the content remains incomplete, we’ll go until it’s done right. And you only pay for 500 words – even if we give you a 100 more.
  • We’ll edit the content until it’s factually flawless and every sentence is grammatically correct.
  • Uploading, optimization and posting. Many firms have adopted WordPress, but even if you’re using an antiquated HTML program, Joomla or some other platform, we’ll work with it.
  • Sharing. And not in some dead Twitter account. The world will know you just posted content, trust us.
  • We’ll follow each article to gauge reader absorption. This helps us create better content for your firm in the future.

All this for a realistic rate* per article or page of 500-600 words. We quote content on an as-need basis since needs will differ between attorneys.

*Veteran and active duty discounts apply.

How many blogs do I need per month?

Each firm will have different needs. Some may want one (1) per month, others want twenty (20).

If your goal is advancing search position, we suggest at least one (1) per 3-4 days.

However, if you want something thorough posted weekly in hopes of connecting intimately with a wide audience, that’s fine, too.

How many revisions do I get?


We’ll never leave you with junk content. Don’t like it? We’ll redo it until you do.

How do you bill me?

We will send you, your billing department or whomever you wish an invoice through Freshbooks. If you request a one-off assignment, then you’ll only pay that invoice.

Recurring work is billed the 1st of every month (for that month’s work) to keep it simple. A bill will auto-generate on that day and be sent to the same department every month (until you change it).

In the future, we may have something snazzier. To be completely honest, we find this accounting platform is optimal in keeping our bills straight.

And remember, you can cancel recurring work anytime.

For larger projects, company checks are appreciated.

How about other writing work mentioned above?

Opinions, newsletters, emails and other work not related to practice area pages or blogs are quoted out based on need. Your newsletter may be 2,500 words whereas the next attorney may request only 450 words but need graphic work added to their mailer.

Simply contact us here to request a quote.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

If you’re looking for tons of monthly work from our team, we reward long-term commitments with competitive rates.

We want to be your go-to content source for years to come.

In fact, commit to a year, and your 12th month is on the house.