Remember when Geocities allowed people to create “neighborhoods” to write whatever they wanted, advertise their specialized services to millions, and have their own web presence? That’s where most of us got our start – writing other people’s content. Back then, our writers averaged $.09 per sentence.

This was before Google. Amazon was a bookstore with 20 titles. Domain names costs hundreds to register.

As law practices slowly started bringing their firms online, we helped build their presences by hard coding HTML and placing content where and how they wanted. Our curiosity bested us, so we caved and asked our first firm if we could write their content in addition to building their site. They were skeptical, and honestly, so were we. The first piece we put together (and it took three of us) was a practice area page for auto accidents. We did well, but didn’t “knock it out of Yankee Stadium”, per se.

But the next thousand or so, we did. Today, we continue to provide solid legal content in all practice areas for great attorneys coast to coast.