Our Code of Ethics

Jurisprose will always offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

We will write until we get it right.

We will not miss deadlines.

Our services will be delivered as agreed, or money will be returned.

Veteran discounts will always apply without question.

We will always staff at least one (1) UAW Local 1981 writer. We’re very pro-union.

Jurisprose will alway value long-term relationships.

You will have 100% law in every order.


Together, we’ll develop a content strategy.

Legal professionals spend their days defending the family, the accused, the injured, the consumer and the business. Our hats off to you.

We spend our days giving your new and existing clients something to read.

Let Jurisprose develop a content strategy with you at your convenience.

Pass our information to a professional in your office if need be.

Whatever it takes, we’ll make the process hassle-free.

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